Gota de Mundo:
in every drop,
a world wine.


Origin: Burgundy, the grapes are harvested from various plots located in the hills north of the French village of Chardonnay. Strains oriented to the southeast, an ideal location that is reflected in the unique flavor of its grapes.

Varietal: 100% native Chardonnay from strains older than 30 years. Vinification in stainless steel barrels, HVE certificate of sustainable agriculture.

Appearance and taste: spontaneously fresh, smooth, and balanced. Straw yellow in color, it gives off citrus and mineral aromas, with a marked hint of quince.

Vintage: 2021

Technical information: manual collection in mid-September.

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100% Chardonnay

13,5% VOL.

Ideal for an aperitif based on cold cuts, lean starters, white meat, ideal with white fish.

Serve at 10°-12°

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